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    What L is the best backpack for domestic and day trips? Also recommended products


    There are probably many people who are considering a day trip in Japan to use their company's paid leave or to celebrate their anniversary with their lover. For small trips such as domestic trips, fashionable backpacks that are easy to use even for town use are very popular. This time, we will introduce how to choose a backpack and the optimal capacity (liters) assuming a domestic trip on a day trip!

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    4 carefully selected watches recommended for minimalists. |[Business x Fun]

    Minimalists are people who aim for a richer lifestyle by reducing unnecessary items such as personal belongings, furniture, and thoughts as much as possible. This time, we will introduce carefully selected 4 products by brand under the theme of"Recommended watches for minimalists". At the same time,"What kind of watch should I choose? ] is also explained, so please read it to the end.

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    [Fashion x High Functionality] 7 Popular Outdoor Watches (Watches) for Men


    A tough watch and outdoor watch specialized for fields, such as mountain climbing, camping, festivals, and physical work, compared to everyday commuting to work or school. This time, we will explain 7 popular recommended products for such outdoor watches, as well as their merits and how to choose them.

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    10 selections of outdoor fashion brands & fashionable reference outfits!

    Outdoor fashion is loved by a wide range of people because of its high functionality and innocent design that is easy to coordinate regardless of gender or age. This time, we will explain the 10 latest outdoor fashion brands for autumn and winter 2019, as well as reference coordination. Now that the intense heat of summer has come to an end, let's use this article as a reference to get the items that are ahead of the scene.

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