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    10 Recommended Countries for First-time Travelers | No English is OK!


    During school summer and winter vacations, as well as the company's Obon holidays and year-end and New Year holidays, families, lovers, and friends say,"I want to go on an overseas trip at least once in my life...!"I think you may have arrived at this page. This time, I would like to introduce 10 carefully selected"countries recommended for overseas travel"for first-timers, introduced by the author who has been to many countries.

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    Minimalist life with decluttering | 5 benefits and tips not to fail


    “I want to live a minimal and stress-free life! I think many of you may have reached this article. Politics, news, stress at work, changes in the environment, and information overload due to the spread of SNS make it easy to lose sight of what we really need these days. This time, we will thoroughly explain the benefits and tips for not failing about the hint"elimination"that solves such problems.

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