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    Sustainable solid soap is the hottest topic! What are the advantages and 3 recommended products?


    Solid soap is popular because it can be used not only for hand washing, but also for the whole body as a substitute for body soap. Therefore, this time, we will introduce three"sustainable"bar soaps that are friendly to the environment and the skin.

    We also explain the charm and merits unique to old-fashioned solid soap, so if you are worried about using solid soap as a countermeasure against corona, please check it out!

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    What is sustainable sake? Drink and give back to the environment and region.


    Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could contribute to the environment just by drinking delicious sake? In this article, we will introduce eco-friendly organic sake proposed by sake breweries and sustainable sake brewing that gives back to the region.

    There are also products that you can actually buy, so if you like alcohol, please take a look.

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