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【期間限定】GrowSpica Pro、東京・大阪にて体験展示実施中!
人気のGrowSpicaチェア予約受付してます🙆 日本国内一律(沖縄除く)送料無料
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    Do you know the"mobile battery that does not require a cable"Maguppi 2?

    "Maguppi 2"is a cable-free minimum charger that has increased capacity and stable connection compared to the previous Maguppi. It weighs 60g and has a capacity of 2,600mAh, which is enough for today's age. For day trips, it's designed to be enough in your pocket. If you only have one smartphone, this one is enough.

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    Which Rasical products have a reputation for being “cute”?

    "Sustainable products are wonderful and socially significant. But I want something cool and cute."At Rasical, we develop products that are not only sustainable, but also cool and cute. This time, I tried to find out which products are evaluated as"cute".

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    What is Rasical's backpack unicorn rated for?

    Rasicalのバックパック ユニコーンは何が評価されているのか?
    I decided to find out if the customers who bought the unicorn were satisfied with the product Reviews I received from the unicorn. As a result, we found that lightness, high functionality, good balance, and good design were highly evaluated. I am glad that you appreciate the part that I am particular about.

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    GIZMODO, Smootto Reviews

    A Reviews article of"Smooth Tote"was posted on Japan's largest technology information site"GIZMODO"operated by Media Gene Co., Ltd.!

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