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    "Sustainable/eco"examples learned from the Netherlands, a country that coexists with nature.


    As interest in environmental issues (global warming/marine plastic waste) and eco/sustainable issues increases on a global scale, the Netherlands, which is full of ideas for improving the places where people live and the natural environment, is attracting attention. . I would like to introduce a sustainable example that the Netherlands is working on.

    Through examples of activities in the Netherlands,"What is sustainable? ], so please take a look to the end.

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    What is sustainable coffee? Coffee grown with generous effort and love.


    The theme of this time's sustainability is about"coffee"that you also drink on a daily basis Now that awareness of sustainability is increasing worldwide, we would like to introduce"sustainable coffee"that we can incorporate into our daily lives.

    We have also picked up delicious and easy-to-drink products, so please refer to them.

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    What is sustainable vegan fashion? |Four must-see brands


    In the apparel industry, there is a growing movement to shift to"sustainable fashion"from the perspective of animal welfare and growing interest in environmental issues.

    Did you know that the style of"veganism,"which does not consume animal products such as meat and fish, has reached the field of fashion?

    This time, we would like to introduce not only sustainability, but also high-sense"vegan fashion"that combines design and functionality.

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    5 Best Sustainable Wool Products|Knits/Bags/Sneakers!


    In the apparel industry, eco-friendly knitwear and denim using sustainable materials are attracting attention along with the term “sustainable fashion”.

    This time, we will introduce products using"sustainable wool", which is indispensable when talking about sustainable fashion. Knits/bags/sneakers will also appear, so be sure to check them out.

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