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    [SNS] The sad ending and points to note when using Instagram automation tools


    This time, I would like to write an article about my impressions of using Instagram as an automatic tool for half a year and the ending of the tragedy. Instagram is a very popular SNS that has established a new form of work called “Instagrammer”, even with the word “Instagrammable”. Check it out if you are considering using automated tools for your followers.

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    [SNS] Impressions and disadvantages of actually using Twitter automation tools.

    SNS such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have gone far beyond the main purpose of “connecting with people” and are now widely used as part of marketing and public relations activities for companies and services. This time, I would like to write about my true feelings and disadvantages of automating Twitter for a year under the theme of"Twitter and automation tools"among such SNS.

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    Handwritten notes are dangerous for coverage and interviews! Why We Absolutely Recommend Recording


    If you are a media operator, self-employed, or a freelance writer, you need to interview celebrities and intellectuals. For those who say.
    This is my first interview, so I have a lot of anxiety, but one of the most common questions is "Handwritten memo or recording? ] is mentioned. This time, the author, who has been interviewed many times, will explain in detail"why I definitely recommend"recording"when in doubt".

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    Seven characteristics common to successful entrepreneurs | For those who want to be a manager.


    The great thing about starting a business is that everyone has the right and the opportunity to do so.
    Today, compared to the past, even people who do not have resources (people and money) can start businesses with ideas and execution. This time,"I want to be an entrepreneur! I would like to introduce “7 characteristics and personalities common to successful entrepreneurs” to students and working people who came to this article.

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