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人気のGrowSpicaチェア🙆 日本国内一律(沖縄除く)送料無料
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    Wash your hands, gargle, and pay attention to hygiene when eating out before resuming your activities.


    While I am looking forward to the resumption of work and school, I think that health concerns will remain as long as the fundamental risk of the new coronavirus has not been eradicated. Wear a mask when you go outside, avoid crowded places, and wash your hands and gargle thoroughly when you return from outside. When eating out, you can bring your own chopsticks and straws and not use other people's chopsticks.

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    Introducing the happy response to the Rikarma limited color

    We are sending the limited color version of the Rikaruma tote bag to everyone who has supported us, and we are very happy with the feedback! I would like to introduce some of them. If you haven't purchased the Rikaruma limited color yet, we are offering it at a 10% discount, so please take a look!

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