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    6 long-lasting techniques to easily extend the life of backpacks and rucksacks!

    A stylish and multi-functional backpack is an item that many people love for everyday use, such as for commuting to work or school, as well as for serious outdoor activities. However, with daily use, the bottom will wear out and the zipper will break, eventually reaching the end of its life. This time, I wrote an article about how to easily extend the life of your precious backpack.

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    What backpacks are ok to bring on board? |Airline rules and recommended products

    Multi-functional and fashionable backpacks are very popular items all over the world, which are very useful not only for everyday commuting to school and work, but also for traveling. This time, we will introduce the rules of each airline and several recommended backpacks that can be brought on board, with the theme of"capacity of backpacks that can be carried on board".

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    Appropriate way to choose a backpack|Points and recommended products by scene

    Nowadays, backpacks and rucksacks are very popular among young people and adults in Japan. Each manufacturer sells a variety of products for various scenes. This time, we would like to introduce you to the wide variety of"How to choose a backpack", and we will introduce recommended products for each scene, such as commuting to work or school, or going out on the town.

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