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    The minimalist bag is"Sacoche". | Why is it recommended?

    The term 'minimalist', which we hear a lot these days, refers to people and lifestyles who improve their quality of life by reducing their belongings and waste. This time, I would like to introduce the reason why"Sacoche"is recommended for those who aim to be a minimalist, as well as the case and belongings of the author. We also explain the merits and demerits of Sacoche, recommended bags, etc., so please come to the end.

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    [Recommended] 7 strongest stress relief methods | Alcohol and shopping are meaningless!

    Stress factors vary from person to person, such as work, relationships, and environmental changes such as heat and cold. Recently, we often hear people say that SNS, news, and even online acquaintances are becoming stressed due to the excessive amount of information due to the spread of the Internet. This time, we will introduce"recommended stress relief methods"and at the same time, we will also explain the points to note about stress relief. The stress relief method that I usually do casually...Maybe I'm actually wrong?

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    [Men] 13 essential items and convenient items to minimize your luggage when traveling abroad

    When traveling overseas for the first time, such as for business trips, trips with male friends, or honeymoons, people often end up with a strange amount of luggage because they don't know what to bring. This time, the writer (male), who has traveled abroad many times in the past, said,"If you have this, you can do anything! We will introduce 13 things to bring and necessities for overseas travel. At the bottom of the page, there are very useful trick items that are used frequently and bags recommended for overseas travel, so please read to the end!

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    [Overseas travel] How to carry a safe passport, sacoche & card case!

    When traveling abroad for the first time, there are many things to worry about, such as immigration, baggage restrictions, and the laws of the country. I have traveled abroad many times, but in my case, even among the anxiety factors,"how to carry luggage"was not fixed for a long time, and I remember continuing to search. This time, as the title suggests, I will explain how to carry your passport safely and the luggage you need for overseas travel.

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